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Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy with unnessary delays

Short talk:

Read about the saying just now...
"Money makes the world go round"

Think about it... The world is already round before money was invented....

One cannot have this thinking "Aiyah, still got a lot of time, so, can wait."

Neither one cannot have this thinking. "To change or not to change? To stick with it for another year? Or to change and maybe burn a hole..."

I had these 2 thinkings for the past 2 months, and now, to my horror, i ain't have any time to do something necessary, that will cause a big hole in my wallet.

My van road tax and insurance are due in 12 days time...

I need to go and collect the letters from LTA, bring my van down to the workshop for regular maintainance, go and have my vehicle inspected by LTA, and go to the insurance company to pay for the new road tax and the insurance.

And i need to go HDB to pay for season parking for next month.

All that to be done in 12 days.

And this is the period where i am busy.

Busy with work, where we got orders coming in, where a new product is going to be launch, where production cannot be stopped, where my colleague is going on leave on a overseas vacation.

Busy with other stuffs, where a course is running, where another course is in the planning, where there are duties coming up.

But it's my doing that everything clashed headon. I was thinking the things that i had mentioned in the first 2 paragraphs.

"Still early lah... can wait one."

"To change or not to change?"

Now, i only have 4 days to deal with my season parking, and 9 days to deal with my road tax and insurance.

Serves me right.

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