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Friday, October 19, 2007

Free goodies?

How nice if i am staying in the USA right now.

I will be a super rich, super technology savy by now, without working. Yes, you heard me. Without working, by my E mail account.

This is the subject of E mails that i get. (In a day).

1) Free $500 for your Travels
2) Sony Vaio Laptop on Us!
3) Free Candy Assortment for (my E mail account)
4) Canon HD DVD Camcorder on Us!
5) Congratulations (my E mail account... Dunno what's inside... don't bother to open)
6) Free Southwest Airlines Tickets
7) Just $4.99 a Bottle for Great Wines
8) Coffeemaker for FREE
9) Get your $500.00 Nordstrom Shopping Spree
10) Get cash with bad or no credit
11) Dont Get Lost (Free GPS)

Got my meaning? No?

I used to open up my E mail with free computer, camera, GPS, Video Recorder, Free 42 inch Plasma TV, DVD player, MP3 player, i pod, i phone and all the other subjects with free, including some lawyers in Nigera, some investment manager in China, lottery companies in UK, US, Canada etc.

All contains the "good news". Free goodies, get free shopping vouchers, won lottery in UK, Canada for $25 or more million Euros, asking me to suddenly become a distant relative of someone who had died in Nigera to share $125 million US dollars, and the China goverment trying to give me money (in US dollars).

And here i am, still slogging it out, getting my tired ass to work every morning for the sake of livelihood.

Anyway, all the free goodies (especially the technology gadgets, which got my eyes opened wide and jaws dropped) are only valid for those residing in the USA only, in a very small fine print, which i had to use my microscope to view it.

Damm it... :(

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