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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The day i sign the paper

What have i got into?

Today is the day i sign the papers... For the very first time in my life, i have signed the papers. Even though i am always been using it, but this is the very first time that i sign the papers on my own. No one did for me.

Wrong. I had signed 2 papers. One is for quite a painful seperation and the other is for a joyous reunion.

And i need another signature.

I still can remember my feelings when the papers are thrusted into my face, with the column, "signature", and me holding the pen, with the witness, searching my face for signs of backing out of a long term commitment and relationship.

I held the pen and pause for a short while. Not to say that i regret, but i am thinking at that instant.

"This is it. THIS IS IT!! Once i signed, there's no turning back liao. Once the signature is done, the law comes into effect. I must be prepared for a long long commitment, and it's my responsibilities to take care of her, take care of all her needs, especially her food."

And i had sign the papers.

No turning back. It's a life-time commitment committed.

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[[ -Elmo- ]] said...

Congrate woh~! wat car u bought???