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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Singapore populations


Singapore's population reached 4.48m last year
By Margaret Perry, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 22 October 2007 2214 hrs

SINGAPORE : The population of Singapore grew to 4.48 million last year, up from just over 3 million 17 years ago.

The biggest change was the number of Permanent Residents, which quadrupled from about 112,000 to more than 460,000 last year, making up 10 percent of the population.

Non-residents who are working, studying or living number 875,500 last year, accounting for nearly 20 percent of the population.

Singapore citizens now account for 70.2 percent of the population, down from 86 percent in 1990.

Let's do some Maths... 17 years ago, there are around 2.58 million Singapore citizens, while now, there's 3.14 million Singaporeans.

Average growth rate in population is about 87,059 per year, while Singapore Citizens growth rate is 32,941 per year.

So, the growth of Singapore Citizens is slower than PRs and non-Residents.

One day, assuming that the growth rate remains constant there will be more foreigners than Singaporeans, staying in Singapore.

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