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Thursday, August 17, 2006

World without thieves

How nice it is to be in a world without thieves.

Sound familiar? The "world without thief". Its actually a movie title, that was screened not too long ago. Starring Andy Lau and Rene Liu.

For those who are alien to TVs, Cinemas, SCV, let me outline the brief storyline of that show.

Andy and Rene are thieves who extort, cheat, pickpocket from victims. Rene is willing to call it quits, but Andy refused to quit. Things happens when a country boy announces that he is loaded, and become the prey of plenty of thieves in a train. Its up to Andy and Rene to protect the country boy from becoming a victim.

I watched that show yesterday, at William's house, together with Aaron.

I had not seen such a nice show for ages. Shows that have a complicated-looking plot, but yet so simple at the end. Shows that really moved you. Shows that really have a lasting deep impression, with a simple message.

Those who had not watched that show, and wants to watch it, please stop here.

Those who want to know my interpretation of that show, please continue.

That native country boy had believed that there are no thieves in this world. He had never seen one, nor encountered with one. He has a pure mind, a mind without any contamination from the harsh reality grey world.

But in actual fact, in this world, there are lots of thieves, lots politics, lots criminals, lots of crime going on. Terrorism is still at its peak. Who would be in the right state of mind to kill another fellow human? In the animal kingdom, HUMANS ARE THE ONLY CREATURES THAT KILL FELLOW HUMANS, FROM THE SAME SPECIES...

Ain't we supposed to live in harmony? Who's in the right state of mind can eat, sleep at ease after killing or responsible for the killing or robbing of fellow humans?

Ain't this world be a better place if there are no such things like "hatred", "revenge"?

Well, a bit out of point, but you all got my point?

The main part of this story is actually shows that it is not easy to turn over a new leaf. Andy at last decided to turn over a new leaf, and he paid it with his live. Just to protect the country boy's money.

Yes, he died, but he earned the respect of the policeman. He EARNED IT. Its not easy to turn over a new leaf, and sometime, have to pay dearly for it, but i think, its worth it. Its never too late to turn over a new leaf. Never.

Anyway, its a nice show... set my brains moving...

Imagine a world without thieves... what will happen?

Prob Venod will be in the army for NS rather than in the police.

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