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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm in Love!!!

Yeah, its true... I am in love!!!

I can imagine some ppl out there saying "Finally... About time", "At last..." and "wonder who..."

I hate to disappoint those who are thinking about those....

I fell in love with William's house, or rather, his TV.... to be more specific, his SCV TV!!!

Okie, i can almost hear the groans of friends around me, and thinking..."Get a life, Simon!!!", "Lame", "What an asshole".

Well, to be honest... I am not a couch potato, even though i may look like one. TV has never been part of my life... I can gladly miss some very nice show for my other commitments. But in a way, i was "hooked" on SCV channels when i am at William's house.

Last wednesday, I was at William's house with Aaron. We watched 4 movies straight. Just happened that when a movie ended, the next one or the movie at the other channel was very nice, or comical. So, its time for a quick sprint to the toilet and then, its back to the tube box.

Just now, i was at William's house again with Aaron, and guess what? I watched 2 movies straight. First one is "Hainan Chicken Rice" with the movie filmed in Singapore, starring Sylvia Cheung, and Zheng Wen Da, the famous chef.

The show was about a mother, (sylvia) and her 3 sons, the first 2 elders being gay, and she was worried that her third son was becoming one. She enlisted the help of her admirer, (Zhen Wen da) to try to "show" her son to the "correct" road.

Learned some life lessons from that show. "Life first. Things second. Keeping moving down the road, don't wait for no one." How true it is!!!

The second show is a comedy. It is an edited version of "Infernal Affairs 1, 2 and 3" combined. Its so funny that i actually fell off the sofa onto the floor laughing non stop. Too bad William went to bed liao, and Lina also keep on laughing. Going to look for that VCD or DVD liao... Definity worth a buy, just for the laugher...

After the second movie, the third one was also a nice movie.. but we forced ourselves to go back home, otherwise, we will be spending the night at William's house... I guess, we ourselves are also comical at that time...

Well, sorry to make some of my friends, (or most?) disappointed with my title... But i did that with punk intended... wahahaha.. Take care, folks...

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