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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day of Depression

Too many things had happened. In a short span of time. Yesterday, to be more specific.

CN's mom is in a critical condition.

Yesterday, i had received a call from CN, asking about some medication. The doctor had prescrible some medication, and she called me to ask about that medication. She inform me that her mum has been admitted to NUH.

From her tone, i did not suspect anything, even she told me that her mum had a stroke.

Later, as i was sending Aaron back (we were at starbucks again), Aaron called Henry (CN's bf). From what i overheard, its not a simple case. Its more serious than i had initially thought.

I called up Henry.

From what he told me, its becoming a more serious case. Full body paralysed. "Okie", i thought. "its not as simple as i had thought." "Update me if there are any progress", i told Henry.

Henry called up about 20 minutes later. CN's mum condition had taken a turn for the worse. She had stopped breathing, and on artifical ventilation.

That's when i decided to go down to NUH. Went back to change (planning to go to work straight from NUH the next day).

Reached hospital, Henry informed me that the condition remains the same. No improvement. That's when he explain the condition to me.

CN's mum was still consious when she arrived in the hospital. She is still alert, and can recognise everyone, according to Henry. The doctor had mentioned that she is okie, and can be discharged soon. But she turned unconsious.

Doctor had ordered a scan. Five hours after CN's mum had admitted to the hospital, doctors had detected a blood vessal burst on the most critical area of her brain. By that time, she has stopped breathing.

Somewhere around 0130 hours, doctor had declared her brain-dead.

One grasp at the fragility of live.

Lives, be it human or animals, are fragile. One moment, they can be joking with you, the other moment, they will be in another world.

Well, one cannot escape from birth, aged, sickness, death, (sheng, lai, bing, si). Its the path that everyone must goes through. Being together and separation is something that everyone will go through, and each time you went through a "crisis", you learn a valuable life lesson. Learn the lesson, and carry on life.

Also, for those who had never went through the loss of a loved ones, the pain is unbearable. It can never be describle, as there are no words exist in the present vocabulary. Its only you must went through the stage to feel it.

Treasure your loved ones, because sooner or later, they will leave you, even though they will be part of your life forever.

Personnally, i am affected by all these incidents. There are some other incidents which its not nice for me to post in a blog. I have been asking too many "why" questions... WHy all these are happening to my friends? why all these things have to come in a single night? Why??

But still, lifes goes on. Live each day to the fullest. May god bless all my friends out there!

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