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Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday, a day to rest, but.....

Same thing happened. Slept at 5am in the morning.

The only thing different is that i got nothing on in the day, can wake up very late.

Or so, i thought.

Woke up at 1330 hours by SQ calling me, asking me where the NDP passes are. He is in HQ. In my slurred speech, i asked SQ where is he. "In HQ", he replied. He mentioned about the briefing of the new CPR procedure for the NUS M1 students first aid program.

I was instantly awake. At that moment. Same effect as someone poured ice-cold freezing water on you when you are still in a sleeping state of mind.

"What? today is the briefing? What time is the briefing?" i asked SQ.

"1400 hours" he replied.

Oh shit, i was going to be late! This briefing had completely slipped out of my mind! I had totally forgotten it!

"sir, wait for me, i supposed to be attending also. I rushing down now". I informed him back.

With that sentence, i washed up in a haste, have a change of shirt, and zoomed out of my house like a ferrari zooming past the finishing point. Rush down to the carpark, open the door, got in, start the engine, and off i go.

Still, i was late. The briefing had already started, but i was present for the important part, the changes of the CPR compression to ventilation ratio. Briefing was done by lawarance from NFAC (national first aid council).

After briefing, Dennis, Rafi, Asiah and me went down to Boon Lay market for dinner. In my case, its breakfast, lunch and dinner combined. 4 of us finished 7 big glasses of sugercane. Can believe it?

After dinner, i don't feel like going home, and ask the others if they wanna go routing with me. Dennis ask me where, but my mind is blank. I though of Changi Airport aloud, and Dennis stared at me.

"Siao, so far away" was all he can say.

We ended up at Rafi's house. My first time there. Saw Rafi's kids also. His youngest son was very cute, and kept playing with dennis. Me? i saw a guitar, and played it, all while watching E.T on TV.

In the end, i raided Rafi vast VCD collections. And brought back about 8 movies back home to watch. That night, i wacked 2 movies straight, "full metal jacket" and "633 squadorn".

Yah, that night also managed to contact someone who i had not been contacting for quite sometime. That someone getting more and more busy hor??

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