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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Job responsibilities...

I am sooooooo tired... And soooooooo sleepy.

I wanna a break... from work, from my life... I need a rest, a whole week of doing nothing, but just staring blanking at the wall, eventually falling asleep.

Can I?

NS Home Team / New Balance Run coming up. Another weekend burned. Burning too much weekend can burn me up too. Can i afford to rest?

With these kinds of notices, who can afford not to work??

Hmmm... seems like i still don't have enough exercises? I don't jump to conclusion, i come to a conclusion, the handle flies off and hit me, my boss runs me down, and i don't have a knife, i cannot dodge responsibilities, as no matter how much i dodge, it still hits me... SO, now, i just sit there, relax and let all the responsibilities arrows hit me. And finally, i got no luck to push.

I am going to tell my colleague this:

From now you, you will be having more responsibilities. You will be responsible for anything that goes wrong.

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