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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy 41st Birthday, Singapore!!!

I am seeing lots and lots of red. Red, redder and reddest!!!

Nope, i am not angry over someone, something. Its just that today is National Day, Singapore's 41st birthday.

I see lots and lots of people in red. I see lots of Singapore Flags flying around. I see lots Red crosses, (ambulance lah). That's why i am seeing red. In case some of you don't know, Red and White are the colours of our state flag.

Went down to Stadium for medical cover today.

At SJAB HQ preparing for the duty.

Row of SAF Ambulances

Of course, not forgetting SJAB, Red Cross.

Other ambulances from NUH, TTSH, SGH are there also. That's why i am seeing lots of red crosses. On top of it, there's SAF disaster Coach, MRF forces, EOD, Disaster 5 tonners, SCDF DART team, SCDF PDV buses, Fire Engines, SAF mini Buses, SCDF Command center, SCDF "tonners", etc etc. This is only the Medical Evac teams, not mentioning the numerious Medical Posts in stadium, MOH Team, ambulances in the stadium.

Ah, yes, there's even a Super Puma Search and Rescue Chopper (Helicopter) on standby too!

One can imagine the amount of medical cover just for a Birthday Party/Parade celebration, attended by 55,000 spectators, thousands of participants, Marshals, "Sai-kangers" etc etc etc.

Its indeed a huge task to ensure the security and the safety of the event.

Free fallers. What happen if the main chute does not open?

Well, they got back-up chutes!! But i cannot imagine what will happen if the reserve chutes also cannot open.

I like watching the free-fallers / Sky divers. I wish i can try sky-diving as a sport someday. Its nice to be falling, to the terminal velocity, and most prob, still survive.

SCDF had bought along a couple of TVs to view the event "live". Everyone's very engrossed watching the parade to try to spot anyone from the GOH who marches on the wrong foot, or the wrong timing.

The flypast of the enormous state flag hung under a chinook. i am focusing more on the Apaches than the state flag.

I really like the Apaches attack helicopter. A real killer. Laden and blistering with weapons, technology. Not forgetting, the longbow radar.

As the night starts to darken, i managed to take this picture. I certainly looks nice, with the sky turning golden with the setting sun. More like the clouds turning golden.

At night, the best part is the fireworks. Took a couple of photoes, but there's some problem uploading into blogspot. Shall upload them hopefully soon, and let you all view the gorgerous fireworks!

Went back HQ early today. After slacking some time in HQ, i sent them back. Met up with Aaron, Henry and CN. Introduced Venod to them.

Alright, i shall sign off here. Stay tuned for more pictures and the world as seen from the eyes and the spectacles of the S.O!!!


Words of Wisdom from the S.O

* If you think nobody cares that you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments or your credit card bills.

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