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Friday, August 25, 2006


Been busy and tired these few days... That's why i never update blog. Sorry to all the die-hard fans out there...

Okie, okie, i dunno if i got any blog die-hard fans, and i am thick skinned... On a serious note, i don't care if who is reading my blog, i don't care if my blog is never read. It's just me...

Went down to NUS on Wednesday and Thursday. NUS Medical Year 1 community First Aid Program. See our future doctors... They were like "taking things relaxing", but hey, when its year 3 or even year 2 onwards, see if you all can relax or not. Anyway, all the best to all the doctors-to-be! Study hard and play hard!

This is the third time that i have been helping out. Hope they can remember what we had taught. It will come in useful.

Overall, its relaxing and fun over there, with the usual gang. DC, Rafi, AK, SQ... We even have time for a vcd screening during lunch break on thursday.

Friday (today) there were tons and tons of things for me to do. That's what happen when you went on a 2 day leave.

Finally, its night time... time to relax, time to chill, and hope i can rest on the weekend.

Our Rafi bro telling jokes while teaching the finer points on unchoking a choking person... Hes good at teaching... GO BRO!!!

SQ lecturing a group of spell-bound doctors to be... how to do CPR on an infant. Quite a number had asked me, how to do CPR on infant, i mean, they are so small... From their movements, i know that a lot of them had never look after an infant before... they way they carry the infant, their handling of the infant... OMG!!!

First aider concentrating on her elvation sling, while the "casualty" was concentrating more on SMSing her friend (perhaps bf???), woah, such a cool casualty... if all casualties are as calm and as cool as when we encounter them... how good life is...

Hmmm... at the end of the day, someone had bought me a small present... Its a key chain... Thanks... i like it very much.... But the "he who hears" is a bit hard to pronounce.... So, i guess, what did i heard?? hmmm... Thanks anyway...

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