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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Went back home after 32 hours outside. 32 hours without any sleep, 8 hours of NUS City Triathlon.

Nope. I am not a superman, its just that i am super tired. Right now.

Went HQ on Sat afternoon to help out with the collecting of the tin cans from the flag day. After that, its duty planning time, dinner time, briefing time, fun time, packing time, and more planning time, buying breakfast time, and by the time everything's finished, its reveil time, breakfast time and deployment time. No time for sleeping time.

Went down to the duty as the appointment of GC. The NUS triathlon covers all of the East Coast (Ford Road - Golf and country club) Mountbatten Rd, Nicoll Highway, Republic Ave, Raffles Ave. A long distance (not as much as Marathon) to cover.

The saying, "it never rains, but it pours" had proven itself to be very true once again. Once a report of a casualty is reported, i dispatched an ambulance to the scene, and the reports of casualties keep coming in, non-stop, till i have to enlist the help of EC to monitor the Medical Net, while i monitor the Marshall Net.

But the saying "it will shine after a storm" come true again. Once the cases stopped, there's total peace. But the MP at the finishing point got lots business. The MP team, led by EC did a fantastic job. Spotters did a good job also, being independant and making some important decisions that a GC does not have a time to make.

After duty, went BK for my first meal of the day. (It was 1600 hours then). Extremely tired, no mood, and no appetite. Could not finish my burger / fries, and i manage to glup my drink down. I was that thirsty also.

Went meet Aaron after that. Ended up at our former usual place for "supper" and while waiting for the others to arrive, we had a great time singing the "oldies" and the Chinese of "folk" music.
Ended up at William's house for some special event.

Am too tired to update liao. Friends (part II) will be the next season... Stay tuned.

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