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Friday, August 11, 2006

Well-deserved rest!

The beginning of all fire works over at national stadium on National day.
Anyway, this is the only photo that i managed to upload, the rest i cannot. Dunno why.

Am on leave on Thursday and Friday. Need some well-deserved rest before going back to work. Thursday been particular tired and busy. Went out, drove around singapore the whole afternoon.

Went Recee the triathlon race route on Thursday, East coast, to Republic Ave, then, did some work by collecting something and deliver it to another place. Ended up at starbucks planning my duty.

One big gathering again at starbucks. But somehow the atomsphere was not there. William and Aaron in bad mood.

Come friday, spent the whole day lazing at home, watching DVDs, VCDs, TVs, Sleeping, surfing the net.Basically whole day never go out except in the afternoon, when i went down to buy makan. WIll be going out later to meet aaron.

That's basically my last 2 days. Super no life here.

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