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Monday, August 28, 2006

A horse

Alright... I shall talk about horse for this topic.

Nope, its not the horse, you get to see in the zoo, or what cowboys sat on... Anyway, sometimes i wonder in the west, why do ppl who sat on horse, called cowboys and not horseboys?

What i am trying to inform you readers is about an chinese idiom... or rather, a chinese saying. "Hao Ma Bu Chi Hui Tou Chao" Direct translation from chinese to english is "Good horse no eat return head grass".

Cheem right?? A more sensible translation would read "A good horse will never return to eat grass".

Meaning is "what is over is over... No sense going back to the past." Correct me if i am wrong, or you have a better meaning to it.. i just suddenly dun know how to explain...

Prob HS will retort my statement, as he had done before... but i am still sticking to this saying. What is in the past, is already in the past. Move on. Look to the future. Even if you get to the past, things will never be the same. People does change.

The hidden meaning is "treasure what you have now" because, once its gone, prepared for it to be gone forever. Lots of ppl actually regret what they have lost, coz in the beginning, they never treasure it, when they are in the procession of it.

Once its gone, they will miss it, and wish that they could start all over again, which is a very hard, and even if they got a chance to start all over again, it will never be the same again. NEVER EVER.

Moral of this topic is... "Treasure what you have today. Be it your family, friends, items, loved ones." loss of your procession will be painful, but not as painful as when you start to regret the loss and why did you not treasure them in the first place.

To those who have lost and regret, a word of advise for you all....

You will have to move on and don't look back. What is past is past. Life first, things second. Let it be a lesson learnt, and don't repeat that mistake.

May god bless you all.

Words of Advice from Bruce Lee:

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