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Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Balance Run

Frankly speaking, i dunno the exact name of the event. Some people called it "NS HOME TEAM NEW BALANCE REAL RUN", some called it "NEW BALANCE RUN", some called it "REAL RUN". Lazy people like me just called it "RUN". Its the same anyway, just that the sponsers might not like it.

Anyway, the "run" happened overseas. Its held in the popular island of "Pulau Belakang Mati" which was the old name for "Sentosa".

Well, dunno if i am consider "heng" or "suay". Only one serious case today, and my ambulance was the one who was activated. With the "China made, SCDF trolley cots". Damm pissed off with that trolley cot. Damm you sunny. Damm your eyes. Damm you stupid pea brains. The things you purchase really affects our operation readiness and effectiveness.

That case is a heat stroke case. Body temperature was very high, (40.2 degrees C) when taken after the casualty was sent to the medical center, after 2 bottles of water was poured over him. He was simply unresponsive, not sweating, and his skin was very hot when i first attend to him.

Started 2 fast drips, and a quick evacuation to SGH. Did a IV swop during the journey there. Finally, after a crash "refresher" course byu EC, skills finally put to good use. Thanks, EC.

Casualty vomitted during the journey to SGH, and one incident is that when i want to recover the canvus from the ED (casualty is still lying on top), i have to support the casualty's head, which is full of vomitus. Had to scubbed my hand clean immediately.

Saw SY also. She's in the 10 click run, and congrads on her completion of the run. Rest more, and take care, SY. All the best in your exams!!!

Was pretty tired at the end of the duty. Slept a bit at the medical point, and back in HQ. Went for lunch (and that's the only meal i had so far today) in a "tired" mode.

One joke occured there. Was trying to keep awake during lunch when i heard the auntie saying something like "ICE LEMON TEA, YOU ALL WANT IT COLD OR HOT?"

First time, and it did not register with me. I though i was dreaming. And then the stall auntie repeated it "ICE LEMON TEA, YOU ALL WANT IT COLD OR HOT?"

I replied without thinking. " Ice Lemon tea leh, you think leh? Of course cold lah"

At that time, i dunno whether i am pissed off by her question or be amused by her question. Its just like the same lame joke which i had been telling everyone, and prob my friends are pissing off with,"Milo Peng, Ai sheng mai leng". Its so "obvious".

Could not finished my lunch. Everything taste so bland. No no no, the problems does not lie with the food. The problem lies with me. Its like i lost my sense of taste. The chicken is tasteless, the rice, the veggies were tasteless. Even the can of coke i dranks taste bland. Ate about half the plate of rice and most of the chicken. Maybe i am too tired liao. The same thing happened last week, after NUS Triathlon duty also.

Till now, still no feelings of hunger. Slept a bit in the evening... Just knock out. And i have to search for my the other 2 eyes (spectacles lah, you goondus). Kinda drop them unknowningly when i passed out. Feels so blind without them.

Well, pretty interesting day today.

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