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Monday, March 24, 2008

Traffic Jam and conversations

Imagine you are rushing to work early in the morning, and struck in a jam...

You are feeling frustrated, pissed off, and you are about to be late for work, when you realised that the jam was due to some road works during the morning peak hour...

And when you come across this sign...

If that happens to me, i dunno if i should be lauging out or pissed off more...

But right now, it certainly brings a smile to my face... haha

Oh yah... by the way, it's not in Singapore. Someone E mailed this picture to me...

Just now had a conversation with SK..

SK: haiz

SK: later stuck at those talks... how to make my escape"!?

S.O: the event what time end?

S.O: just say you going to toilet and escape loh... just like mas selamat

Perfect excuse to escape... via the toilet!!!


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