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Saturday, March 22, 2008

FAHNC 2008

Zone annual First Aid and Home Nursing Competition (FAHNC) is over...

To those teams that won, Congrads to you!!

To those teams that did not, well, i am sure you had tried your best. Do not be too unhappy, and remember what went wrong, learn from it, and pass it on.

Every year, i dreaded being present at the scene of the competition results announcement. Everyone would be crying. Be it from joy or from anguish or even pissed off with something. And sometimes, it got so bad that i almost thought the whole place would flood with tears, and i can go swimming...

It's even worst when you know the team members from different teams, especially those you had worked with, joked with, and being trained by you...Worst of all, when one won, while the other did not.

When you are in that situation, how would you react? Go to the winning team and congraduate them, and laugh with them, then go to the other team, console them and cry with them?

I dunno about others, but i am unable to be happy one minute and be sad the next.

So, i chose to withdraw. I will not go to either team... Anyway, it's their victory, or anguish, and i am not part of the team. Normally, i will quickly leave the venue immediately after the event is over.

Or in today's case, leave even before the announcement of results. I got one perfect reason to do it. I am not feeling well.

Been coughing the whole day, and especially with those violent coughs that can cough out your lung, i would feel giddy, and as the days progress it got worse. So, i figured that i rather leave early and go home early rather than become a real casualty for all the comp teams to treat.

Am happy for the teams that won, but in another way, am sorry for the other teams that want victory badly and yet unable to get it...

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