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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just a thought

Short talk:

Am doing a massive housekeeping on the links to other ppl's blogs. Those not in use, restricted and never update will be cleared.

oh shit.. what is happening to me today?

From this morning, till now, i am suffering from time illusion. My eyes always are an hour ahead of the actual time. I went to canteen for lunch to find the canteen crowded with people having their tea break.

I thought all my colleagues were late, only to realise that they are actually on time.

I thought its time for afternoon tea break, only to find the canteen deserted.


Everything i do seems to be so wrong... I turn left, and it seems wrong... I turn right and it's seems wrong too.. I go straight, and i crashed into the wall... Maybe i need to back track and go back to the past where troubles seems so far away...

Maybe i need a reboot. Restart my brain timing. But how? Too much things on my mind now... I really wish i can forget everything, and live happily in the past before the problems cropped up. Maybe is i think too much. Maybe things are so simple that i tend to think complicated. Maybe the problem lies with me myself. But i did see something happening.

Maybe i should just heck care the whole damm world and isolate myself. Leave me alone for this period, and leave me to my own problems. How long, i dunno.

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