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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Learnt new things

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By Jessica Yeo, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 03 March 2008 2255 hrs

Have you ever been doing something, so often, that you got used to it totally, and suddenly, you switch roles to become the other side of something?

Confusing?? well, let me put it in another way...

Imagine a police officer, keeps arresting criminals and putting them behind bars. Does that police officer wonders what the feeling is like when he himselfs got arrested and place behind bars instead? what's the other view about??

You go to the zoo. you look at the animals behind the cages. Wondered before how is the other view of you in the cage, watching humans passing you and looking at you??

I went for the BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) Course yesterday, conducted by the Singapore General Hospital. It's nothing new. I had went through the course in 2002, which is like 6 years ago. And i had went on to the instructor course, breezed through my attachments, and had become an instructor in BCLS.

And so i went to teach CPR, examiner for CPR courses, Judge for CPR in first aid competitions... So on and so forth...

And yesterday, i went back to become a trainee all over again. No. My licence was not suspended. Just that i went to get a more recognised certification to get an instructor certification from another hospital to become an instructor for our organisation that had just been accrediated by the National Resuscitation Council, Singapore.

And indeed, it was interesting. Being a trainee again. I forgot the feelings of being a trainee in the CPR program.

It was an eye opener to me. I see the world from the other side. I was actually accessing our instructors more than listening to what they are teaching. I knew the better from the good, how they talk, how they instruct and how they impart.

I saw myself on several occasions, in terms of speech and demostration, and i felt that it's not good, and i had not realised before when i was playing the role of the instructor. Made a note to discard it.

And i absorb the ideas that i can use, for my future classes.

I passed the BCLS course, way ahead of time, and learned lots new things.

Now, i am looking forward for the upcoming BCLS Instructor course.

And yes, what DT and EC mentioned was very true. Doctors always got targetted to do practice first. Anyway, my instructor is a staff nurse.

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