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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ops Room Cleanup

Commenced Operations Room Cleanup on sunday...

My room has been in a mess, that is rated M18 (violence). Anyone less than 18 when entered will have an idea of what it is like in the real war zone, and will lead to violent character disorders, shock or even mass Traumatic psychology disorders, not to mention post Traumatic depression syndrome.

And this not only affect humans.. It affects things as well. And i got a new desktop coming in tomorrow, i don't want my desk top to be sitting and sleeping on the floor, suffering from psychology agony, and end up breaking down or up, either ways.

So, i commenced Operations Room Cleanup.

First, i sent my scout / intelligence teams. I need to find a decent place to deploy my coming desk top. My scout teams reported that one of the tables with the TV and the DVD player would be the best deployment ground for my desk top, as all the entertainment stuffs will be together to prevent me from having a neck ache from all the rapid neck movement from my monitor to my TV for rapid observation.

I concurred with my scouts and intelligent teams.

And next, i sent in my commandos to raid the enemy's ground, to cause confusions to the enemy's operations and to secure the deployment ground for my PC.

Next, the Arty comes in. Their mission... to blast all rubbish from around the battle zone into a big trash bag to be disposed of later.

And comes the guards and the infantry to secure the costly won battlezone. Engineers followed to sweep up and to repair all damages.

And now, almost the whole room, save for a small corner, was victorious in my hands. I am ready for the new arrival of a important piece of entertainment system, the PC, even my 5.1 speaker system was restored and running, including my disco lights!!

I cannot wait to see the arrival of new PC!!

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