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Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad day

Oh yes... yesterday was a very bad day where everything seems to go wrong... And even the skies does not seem to sympathise me, but played a cruel prank on me instead...

Was not in a good mood throughout the whole day, due to what i had seen, heard and guess. Been thinking of it the whole day, and in the whole day, i was either too quiet or too ki siao.

And when i drove, yes, i kept to the speed limit, but i played the turnings and the corners at a high speed, just short of drifting.

Was really bad...

And been in a bad mood for the day, and never eat for the whole day, all i want was to sit down and have a good dinner in peace.

I couldn't be more wrong...

First, there's no parking space at Liang Seah Street due to the IT fair. So, maggie thai place is out.

Second, decided to go to thomson road to eat the "zi cha". Alas!!! it was closed.

Finally, went over to East Coast food center to wack their famous Wanton mee and their satay beehoon.

Wait and wait. Wait for parking lot, wait for a table and queue up waiting to order food... And i was damm hungry!

Finally got the food. (i was with DT). Sat down and start to enjoy. AND IT STARTED RAINING!!! GODDAMM IT!!! CHILLI BLACK PEPPER CRABPOT!!!

Why can't i even have a dinner in peace, when i had been pissing off the whole day, eaten nothing for the whole day? Is the skies playing a cruel joke on me? Why can't they (the skies) just leave me alone during my meals? dammit.

Seen 2 idiots sitting in the raining, eating in the rain? Yup.. that's DT and me. I refused to take shelter till i finish all my food. I refused to give in to the rain.

And partly, my "crow" mouth is to be blamed, when i told DT that i prefer tables in shelter rather that in the open, in case it rain. Perhaps now, i should tell DT that i prefer to buy lottery, in case i strike the lottery.

And now, i am waiting for the diahoerra to start, with all the additional stuffs in my plate of mee.

Yes, the wanton mee and the satay beehoon still taste shiok, especially when you topped it up with BBQ chicken wings.

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