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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Singapore post delays

So, JW and Nazir got married, Congrads to them. Here, i wish them a happy and blissful married life, and hope they will have a "live happily ever after" life.

Nazir sure look tired but handsome in his outfit! He looks like a sultan!

Something's wrong with Singapore Post.

Way before JW's wedding, he sent me a invitation. And i wait, wait and wait, till JW called me up a few days before his wedding and enquire if i got his invitation.

"No leh, i never receive leh" i replied.

"Okie, no prob. I go sent again", JW promised.

To the day of his wedding, i only received one invitation card, and that was from Nazir, inviting me to his wedding. None from JW.

And yesterday, i got a wedding invitation card in my mail. (Postage type). I was shocked. Another wedding?!?!?!

Opened it up and realised that it was from JW... I recieved the invitation after the wedding!!!

The postage stamp was dated 24th May. How come it took a long time to deliver to me???

What the hell is Singapore Post doing???


Look at the photo below... Is there anything wrong with the photo?

Noticed the P plate?

It's a class 4 lorry, and it's got a P plate?

Is the driver require to put a P (Probation) plate, when he got his Class 4 licence for less than a year? I am not sure, but sure as hell, this the first time i see a P plate on a class 4 vehicle...

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