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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sick again

Been not blogging for a few days.

And you might have known, when i am not blogging, that means that i am not in office, or not using the computer at SJ HQ.

Thursday. Vesak Day. Whole day lazing and pooing at home. Yes. My case of the runs (die-rear) is back. Took a couple of loperamide capsules before going to JW's wedding. I don't want myself running to the toilet every few minutes and other's finishing all the delicious food when i return.

Only 3 of us were there. BW, ZX and me. There's a communications breakdown somewhere among me and JW, and that results in the others not turning up at his wedding.

Went back home, and basically spend the whole night being unable to sleep, feeling very uncomfortable, and running to the toilet every half hour or so, so much so that on Friday morning, i went to the clinic and blast away all my complains to the poor doctor, whom, if i had not heard wrongly, had met with an accident eariler.

Got a MC and a screwing from my boss for being absent from work.

Friday night, the full impact of my sickness set in.

Fever started. (My body temperature ranges from 37.9 - 38.5 degress C throughout the night), whole body was super duper weak, so much so that i find that even strumbling to the toilet was a chore that requires every ounce of my strenght. I was shivering the whole night, unable to sleep, and being fed up with all those nonsense, i took a double dose of my medication and panadol.

That worked. Tireness overwhelmed my discomfort and i fell asleep. (that was around 6 am in the morning.)

Kids, please do not try that at home, taking double dose of medication. It could be dangerous, and for me, i know that i can take the double dose of the medication, and seriously, i wish i could become unconsious so that all that discomfort could just go away.

I also seriously have the idea of going to the hospital, during the most uncomfortable period in that night. And it was also that time that i am thinking that if i am going to the hospital, thank god that i will be going to NUH (closer to where i am staying) than TTSH. Or perhaps, i should make a detour to TTSH and pay a paid visit to DT, EC, CS and Dr NC and give them a surprise....... Hahaha...

Woke up in the afternoon on sat. Feeling much much better. No need to visit any of the hospitals.

That's why i am now in office, clearing some paperwork, that was supposed to be dued on the friday. (That's why my boss screwed me for being absent from work).

Seems like my health for this year ain't so good.

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