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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Man dies after being hit by fallen branch

Man dies after being hit by fallen branch near Tree Top Walk

Friday June 1, 8:17 PM

Sadden to see another case of death caused by falling trees, or in this case, fallen tree branch...

Dear readers, education had taught you that you must never take shelter under a tree during a thunderstorm, with lighting and all those, but these incidents had reinforce us another thing to learn.

Do not go under a tree during windy, rainy periods besides the lighting thingy.

During thunderstorms, you might get killed either by lighting strikes or falling tree branches or even falling trees!!! Instead, look for the nearest coffee house and enjoy a hot cup of coffee instead. This is not difficult, given the presence of food centers springing up all over Singapore.

The olden terms, "you will see mama shops around every corner" will change to "you will see food centers around every corner"...

And when you are walking in those conditions, look up. As mentioned, you will not find gold in that way, but at least, you can spot falling trees (or branches) and "siam" (get away) in time, and if you are sharp enough, you can even prevent bird shit from dropping on your head!! And if you are not sharp enough, that bird shit may end up in your mouth...

And one way to teach the kids about the danger of falling trees...

Teach the kids this song. The tunes are from the popular children song titled "London bridge is falling down"

The big trees are falling down
Falling down, falling down
The big tress are falling down
get a-way now

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