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Monday, June 04, 2007

Drowning and falling trees


Reading the news, and something similar struck me. It's about the case of the falling trees and drowning.

Saw this news just now on yahoo singapore and i was sadden.

Girl drowns at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort

Monday June 4, 8:17 AM

As a former life-guard, drowning cases can be prevented in most case. Drowning incidents will occur when one under-estimated the dangers of the water and over-estimating their strenghts.

Even a strong swimmer can be drowned when he suffer cramps and panic while in the middle of the body of water. I had seen near-drowning cases whereby some kid swims halfway and started struggling in the middle of the swimming pool, for apparently no reason.

For those who want to know more about water-safety, or you want to be trained as a life-saver, or a life guard, you can always go to this website, the Singapore Life Saving Society. You will find the information there useful.

Or if you want to learn CPR (trust me, it comes in handy), there are a few training centers in Singapore that you can learn.

1) National Resuscitation Council
2) National Heart Center @ SGH
3) St John Ambulance Association
4) Singapore Red Cross Society

And if you are wonder what's the similarity between falling trees and drowning, there are 4 deaths from the recent falling trees and falling branch cases, and there are also 4 deaths from the recent drowning cases...

4 each....

In chinese or in cantonese, the word 4 = die...


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Asshole said...

Correction there.

There are 5 deaths from drowning in the past 2 months, as reported by TNP on the 4th june paper.