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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New cars and bikes

Some one sent me some pictures of new cars and bikes out. The car is sometime back. But i still keep that E mail, coz it's really shiok...

Lamborghini [Buggati Veyron]

Front view. It really does look sleek and fierce huh??

Look at the thickness of the tires!

The back view. Still as shiok.

That car had a nickname... FERRARI KILLER

1st gear - 100km/h
2nd gear - 150km/h
3rd gear - 200km/h
4th gear - 250km/h
5th gear - 310km/h
6th gear - 360km/h
7th gear - 406km/h

Can you imagine that if you are driving that car in Singapore, you only need the first gear to reach the speed limit of all the roads. No need to engage the other gears liao... And imagine the fuel comsumption for it.

With the raising fuel prices, i think it can suck any average man dry faster than a vampire.

And now, the bad news. The bike..

The bikes look very nice until you see the licence plate.

It belongs to the traffic police (TP). And now, they are using black bikes, which is harder to spot when you are speeding...

Oh shit... TP going into stealth mode... Only thing that you will know it's the TP is the licence plate, and if you can see the licence plate, then you are too late.

Have yet to see it on Singapore Roads. Wondering the TP riding it, is he wearing the TP uniform?

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