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Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend spend

Short talk :

Happy Birthday to AM and HS!!!


Okie... my brain revived a little bit. (Most of them are still "dead" mode)...

Here's the photos taken over the last week..

Thursday, went over to Suntec for the PC show, and we, (AM, ZX and me) dropped over to Ant's pet shop to meet up.

Hamsters cuddling and sleeping together. Ain't they cute?

And here's a hamster wannabe...

There were 2 ladies in the shop, admiring the hamsters and the bunnies, when i suggested to them to buy the bunnies, and one of the lady replied back the typical answer, "you buy one for me loh"...

I am speechless...

AM bought 2 hamsters for his wife, as a present for their first wedding anniversary.

Sat/Sun. Archery at NUS.

Archers, Standby!!

Overall view


Checking the scores...

And it so happens that today is one of the member's birthday, so we had an early celebration yesterday at NUS.

The birthday girl

Blowing out the candle...

That's how i spend my weekends... Super tiring...

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