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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tired out totally

Am physically, mentally, psycologically, spiritually drained... Super duper shagged... So much things, so packed, till sometimes, i find myself grasping for breath...

And to top it all, the damm internet connections problems came back after a couple of days of working flawlessly...

Dunno what is happening to me. So much duties that i feel totally drained out. Taxing me off of whatever energy i got, to an extend that i can actually totally forgot about one of my friend's housewarming party today!

Of course, being a friend, i went down to his housewarming party after the end of duty, and after sending the members back, which almost cause me to fall asleep at the wheel while driving.

I think i am suffering from multiple duties fatigue syndrome. (MDFS).. for 3 straight weekends in a row saw me doing duties, and attending a course.

AED course, NTU bike rally 2008 in the first week.

ACID Camp in the Second week...

NUS Archery in the third week.

And still got the NDP duties, TP rockamania 2008, NUS Run, and others upcoming events.

And every time i went for a duty, i always ask this question to myself... "What the F am i doing this on a weekend when i can rest?"

Call me stupid or idiot, but i know that no matter how much "complains" that i am bladdering now, if there's a duty that needs help, or needs manpower, and if i got nothing to do on that day, i will go.

You can call me dumb for wasting all my weekends chionging duties when i could have gotten a rest, but i still will chiong duties... At least my weekend is more interesting than sleeping those days away.

That's me.

Like the chinese song that i like very much...

I believe i am who i am,
I believe in myself,
I believe i can touch the sky when i raise up my hands...

Okie... i am bladdering nonsense again... MY brain is absoluting dead.

Will post the photos taken these few days in my next post... (Hopefully)

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