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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Karma

Karma!! I tell you, it's Karma!!

Ever since i started driving around, parking at spaces which need parking coupons, being the "kuai" me, i always tear out parking coupons to avoid the aunties and uncles placing a small but long rectangular expensive paper on my windscreen...

I simply hate to see fingerprints on my windscreen...

And i hate it more when i have to pay for having those fingerprints on my windscreen...

And sometimes, i would return back to my vehicle with quite of time left on my coupons, and i would simply wait for the next lucky ride to come in, and pass them the unexpired coupons.

Did it for quite a number of times, and the good deed came back to me.

I went to beach road army market for dinner yesterday night, and upon chancing a lot after waiting for a couple of minutes, (a lorry driver want to snatch the lot from me, and i horn him, and ask him to get off) a guy walk up to my window.

My first impression is that he wanted to buy a coupon from me.

Nope.. He was holding on to a coupon, and he passed it to me. I look, and it's a totally unexpired coupon. 1 hour worth of parking time!! Woots!!

Thanked him and went to have my dinner happily. It made my day, despite the fact that the claypot rice stall was closed.

Dinner time took half an hour. By the time i reach the carpark, only half an hour had elasped.

So, i passed on the kindness, the half an hour unexpired time to another lucky fellow who happend to drive in at that time.

From his profused thanks, i think, i made another person's day also...

Spread kindness around. It will come back to you!!

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