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Monday, June 23, 2008

NDP 2008 - 21/06/08

NDP around the corner.

People getting busy with the plannings, preparations, trainings, rehersals, packing...

The public getting inconvienced with the side-effects of the NDP, road closures, lots green uniform at a popular shopping center, babies crying at the sound of airplanes doing their trainings,( etc...

And the participants of NDP must be getting phobia of the "you know what"...

But, after all, it's the NDP, and it's this country's biggest celebrations in the whole year.

Here's some photos which vkp took. Enjoy!!

The respected fellows who have the guts to jump out of a perfectly working fine aircraft.

"Landing in progress." Did the servicemen check for FOD on the runway?

SPF, SCDF and SAF showing how to carry a pillon who is suffering from piles... Or being caned too much.

And on the far right of the photo, how can a motorcyclist carry more passengers than a normal saloon car...

SJAB contingent marching in.. (Singing) "Oh when the saint (john), go marching in, oh when the saint (john) goes marching in, I want to be among their number..."

The colour party!!

Will upload more photos as time goes by!!

Stay tuned!!

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