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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Being Frustrated

Having lots thoughts recently.

Having lots reading up of research papers recently.

Having lots revision of poly text's recently.

Having lots work to be done recently.

Having lots clearing up at my office desk recently.

Having lots duties recently.

Having lots decisions to make recently.

Having lots pissed off moments with my internet service provider recently.

Having lots trainings recently.

Having lots deep thinking talks recently.

In other words, i have been very busy recently...

Should i revert back? Or should i remain?

Should i be hard hearted? Or should i close one eye?

Should i carry on ignoring? Or should i start wacking?

There are many ways to get the things done. The hard way, the soft way, the good way, the bad way.

If all does not work, then what's next?

I don't own you anything. I gave you chances, you did not change. I taught you, told you, spoonfeed you, you did not change. I scold you, you started crying, but you did not change.

I tell you, you never listen
You listen, also dun understand
You understand, also never do
You do, also cannot do well.

As much as I hate to do it, there's a need for me to do it.

Damm you for putting me in such a position.

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