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Friday, February 22, 2008


Short talk:

Singapore won the bid to host the Youth Olympics. Good or bad? Depends on how you see it...

The question i wanna ask is " Will there be a public holiday??" The games are from Aug 14 - 16... 3 days only... Come on, give us some extra holidays...

Got lots things on my mind now...

Ain't in the best of mood... damm... need to keep myself busy, to prevent too much thoughts flooding my mind...

But somehow, somewhere, something always come back. Days are getting harder to pass... And at this time somemore!!

Had quite a nice time at HQ with a group of people, makes me forget about my thoughts. Had a nice meal with lots laugher at Pizzahut, at the expense of the poor waitress behind the counter. Don't ask me what happened there.. you can ask those who are present... You can say i bully people, but at least, that makes me forget about things for a moment.

But it came back... Needs more distractions now. I need to be kept busy at all times. So, anyone, any lobangs? Hopefully can make some money out of it.. That would sound nice.

Sometimes, i wish i can become cold, distant and aloof and keep to myself but it seems that it's quite a difficult task to accomplish. Indeed, it's difficult.

Hope i can fall asleep the moment i lie on my bed when i reach home later, depending on what time i want to go home.

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