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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just another post

Yes.. back to work... yesterday...

Did i mentioned that i only work for maybe like only 2 days in these 3 weeks? And now, the in camp's over, the holidays over, and life is back to normal.

Just that i need time to go back to normal life. To wake up, go work, go home, meet friends if they are free, or back home staring at the ceiling...

And soon after play, comes hard work...

There's going to have 4 duties in 3 days. Chingay rehersal, Chingay, NUS biathlon and Yuan Xiao@Chinatown, on friday, sat, sun morning and sun night respectively. And there's going to have a 24 hour continuous duty, from sat night to sunday night.

Got the inspiration for 4D? 2343... Go buy, and if you strike and you are honest enough, just give me a treat, that's all. But don't come after me with a parang when you don't strike.

Am dunno if i am looking forward to the duties or not. All i know is that it's going to be goddamm bloody siong time for me and the rest.

Oh yah. A gentle reminder to all forgetful ppl out there. Valentine's day is this thursday. Remember to buy come gifts for your boy/girl friends, bring them out.

Okie... am just bladdering... But this is going to be a miserable week for me. My mind is still in holidaying mood, not CNY mood, Just holiday as in no work mood, weighted down with the thoughts that i am not going out on thus, don't want to see couples pak-tor-ing, and burdened with another fact that i've got 4 duties in 3 days.

Sometimes, i just wish that i can lie down, my mind empty of thoughts, heck care with all the thoughts, feelings of this bleddy world, just relaxing...

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