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Friday, February 29, 2008

Terrorist escaped, keep a lookout for him

Singapore most dangerous man escaped.
Posted: 27 February 2008 2045 hrs

I was stunned.. How can the Singapore most Dangerous man escape? He is the head of the JI terror network in Singapore, and had plans to attack our home with bombs, including crashing one airplane into changi airport!!!

I was very curious about how he managed to escape.

Security lapse led to escape of JI leader Mas Selamat, says DPM Wong
By Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 28 February 2008 1948 hrs

"Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng who apologised for the incident said Mas Selamat was being taken to the toilet before a meeting at the Family Visit Room when he escaped. "

Security lapse! That's the last thing that eveyone wanted!! And escape via "using the toilet" trick! Back in NS days, one had used that trick before, to escape an AWOL charge.

I hope he will be arrested soon, and instead of being detained, will be charged, giving the maximum sentence, and restriction of all his privilages of family visits, leaves, tagging him from head to toe, so that not even his beard can escape, watching his every move. Or maybe, just lock him up and throw away the key!

And before you all start accusing me of violating human rights, i don't think he deserves any, with his plans to kill innocent people. In fact, such people does not deserves any human rights at all!!

So, i beseech my readers, if you see this man, DO NOT HESTITATE TO CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY!!

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