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Friday, February 08, 2008

CNY first day

Chinese New Year Day 1.

Have you ever been so bored and so "suay" as me? On the very first day of CNY somemore...

Slept till the afternoon. Woke up, with the empty feeling and an empty stomach, but just too lazy to go down and buy food.

Whole day doing nothing, but watching TV, reading books, listening to the radio, taking naps now and then, till my stomach started to turn violent being too empty, then went down to the coffeeshop and "tabao" the food home to eat.

All these happened till night, when i was feeling extra bored, went down to my car, and took her out for a spin.

Went to woodlands seaside, around midnight time, hoping to see some fireworks at the Malaysia side. Been there for less than 10 minutes, seeing nothing, when ZX called that he's free. Disappointed not to see any distant fireworks.

Went back to BP to look for him, and together, we went out to look for another friend, AS at Jurong west.

Had a great feast there. Ate lots things. Had stingray, zu zu, satay, bee hoon, "wu siang", "hao jian". Ended up with a stomachache. Haha...

Ant called. Me and ZX headed back to BP to meet Ant, and ended up inside Ant's car to go for another round of rounding. Went to East Coast, Via KPE (my first time in KPE). Wanted to play pool, but the pool at East Coast was opened to members only. And they closed at 6am... It's 5am when we reach there.

Feeling hungry again, we went down to the Mac donald below, only to realised that their system is down, and we cannot order any food. Ant was commenting..."Wah liao... got so suay mah? Upstairs cannot, downstairs also cannot..." Even the toilet at EC Mac was closed.

So, we went all the way to King Albert park Mac, for our breakfast.

Stayed there all the way till 6.30am, eating breakfast, reading papers, talking cock.

That's how i spend my first day of the Chinese New Year...

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