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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fictitious news

This post is totally a fictitious and totally imaginative creativity from the S.O's mind, after reading reports from the following CNA website,

Singapore Flyer to remain closed pending investigations
By Imelda Saad/Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 23 December 2008 1843 hrs


Singapore flyer stopped flying...

Ever since it has opened for 10 months, Singapore flyer has been grounded for 3 times. (Read the CNA news report), with the latest being yesterday evening, with 173 trapped for 6 hours.

This S.O reported, who is typing out this report with the information from other news reports, is absoluting reeling from the latest technical glitches.

"Why is there still technical glitches?" exclaimed one fictitious tourist from wherever... "I supposed that Singapore standards are very high, but due to this glitches, well, it seems it's lower than your flyer!!""

"Your flyer has make me miss my christmas with my family!!" exclaim another fictitious tourist, who can only see her flight flying away while she's still in the flyer.

"I had heard of high flyers in Singapore, but this incidence proves that high flyers can also henta kaki." another fictitious tourist from Malaysia.

Another fictitious tourist was mentioning about if the flyer is still struck, maybe he has a good chance to catch Santa in his sleigh, flying in the skies, and with a bit of luck, maybe Santa would come to their rescue.

Meanwhile, a group of Singapore are doing what they like to do best. Complaining.

"It's not fair!! i paid 30 bucks, mind you, 30 bucks for a 30 minute ride, to get a view of the city. i was at the absoluting top of the flyer for about 10 minutes only, but the ang mor 15 capsules behind me got a whooping 6 hours view of the city!!! All for the same price!!" a fictitious Singaporean complained.

Another fictitious Singaporen chipped in..." you are better than me... I had already paid the price, and have yet to step into any of the capsule."

After the resuce operations, the next dilemma unfolds. The car park was jam packed with cars trying to leave the car park, but were unable to do so, due to the exceptionally high parking charges that had incurred in the 6 hours and not enough money in the cash card.

"Wah Piangz... I have to wait 6 hours to leave the capsule, don't tell me i have to wait another 6 hours to leave the carpark?" one fictitious driver lamated.

In another unrelated news, 4D center announced that the number 1736 was completely sold out.

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