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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stand Chart Marathon 2008

Standard Chart marathon 2008.

Here's the photos... Enjoy!!

The last few runners of the half marathon. If i am running in the half marathon, i guess, at that time, i am still struggling at shenton way.

The first aiders plus the ambulance crew from SJAB and Lentor.

Runners of the half marathon against the city skyline...

A first aid team without any "business" yet.

Sitting on the ECP!!! how often can you do that??

Same goes for standing in the middle of the ECP!!!

And the runners, when they come, in the beginning, only comes in twos, threes... and when suddenly the whole pool of runners will come... in swarms.... almost a non-stop stream of blue "water" came rushing pass us, going uphill direction...

And the funny thing is that, the 10 kilometers run is divided into 2 starting times. The male and the female. And i do see a lot more males starting together with the females. Hmmm... so, those guys, are they there to run 10 clicks or what?? Hmmm.. food for thought.

And there's once i spotted a red hat...

Nope.. he's ain't a Commando.

A santa to be?? Where's his reindeer?? poor santa...

And during the running process, i spotted another hugh group in yellow walking in the opposite direction, as opposed to the steady blue stream of runners. It was a steady yellow stream of walkers!!!

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