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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The leap second of 2008

This year, if you are going for the countdown, remember to do this during the countdown, as you shout along..


Yep. You must really wait a second before ushering 2009.

Really... i am not kidding...

Seriously... i ain't shitting you...

You really have to wait a second.


Read this, and you wun be...

Leap second: More time added to 2008
Jordan Lite
Dec 29, 2008 12:50 PM

Eager for this year to end? Bad news: you'll have to wait an extra second for 2009. On December 31, the planet's official timekeepers will add a “leap second” to the coordinated universal time scale (UTC) followed around the world. The additional second makes up for the difference in two clocks – one based on Earth’s rotation and the other on the more precise atomic time of the UTC.


Yep. There is an extra second in 2008. Or rather, the time will stop by a second.

New Year on hold: leap second makes time stand still

PARIS - Eager to see the back end of 2008? Be forewarned: the world's official timekeeper has decided to prolong the year - by one full second, to be precise.

The extra second was mandated by the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) in Paris, and is not to be taken lightly.

Wow... Imagine that...

Imagine time stood still... Imagine you can retort back with the always used phrase, "Time and Tide wait for no man" with "Only Tide wait for no man."

Imagine the things you can do and get away with it, especially on evidences that need times as hard evidence.

Imagine you have 24 hours and 1 second in a day...

Imagine the next movie out is titled "The day the time stood still".

So, remember to stop your watches, clocked for a second.


i just remembered something...

Will the ERP gantries timing stop for a second? Got difference one leh, you know??

In case you don't know the importance of 1 second, go ask the competitor who is second in place in the 100 meters sprint.

Or even the swimmer in the second place in the swimming pool.

Or even the heart pain when you car pass the ERP at 0700 hours in the morning, instead of 06:59:59 hours.

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