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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lift Etiqutte

It has occured to me that there's some people who can't make up their mind whether to go up or to go down.

They go to the lift lobby from their house, and press both, the up and down buttons.

So what happens?? The lift stops on the way up, they enter, and the lift goes all the way up, and down down again, stopping at the same level where they had pressed 2 buttons.

I know the typical "kiasu-ness" of Singaporeans, but pressing both the up and down buttons in fact, waste more time then pressing the down button and wait for the lift, right??

I think the Town Council must conduct a "lift Etiquette" course for those aunties, or even those uncles for that matter.

My advise to those "aunties and uncles". If you really want to go down faster, Jump. It's the fastest.

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