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Monday, December 22, 2008

Emoing over the end of year

Dunno why, but i feel kinda emoing??

It's already the 22nd Dec, and i still don't have the christmas mood.

Even though i got a fantestic Christmas and New year gift for myself... In fact, i sort of feels empty, like piece of leaf that goes in the direction where the wind is blowing... drifting around aimlessly.

There's nothing to look forward to, right now, at this time...

And the feeling sucks. Suddenly, life, which seems so vibrant, so colourful some time ago, is so monotonous, so monotone, and monocolour.

It really sucks.

2008 is coming to a close, and while everyone is excited, i am actually brooding over it.

Another year has passed. Another year of non-achievement by me. I am still the same, neither going up nor down.

Another year wasted.

Another year closer to my death...

Another year which i did absoluting nothing worth remembering.

Another year is coming.

Another year....

Feels like drinking beer now... anyone wants join me??

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