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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Odd gifts to US President

I always have a problem of buying gifts.

Nope... if i wanted to buy a gift to myself, there's absoluting no problem, coz i always know what i wanted.

If it's buying gift for others, i would have spend dunno how many days, weeks, months, years, centuries, cracking my whole body, using up all my brain juice, my muscle, my tendons, my ligaments, my bones, and i will still have no idea what to buy.

And especially when you want to give a gift that gives a hint.

That, is a killer. A real killer.

But then, i realised that our leader does not have the same problem as me. Our country's leaders gifts to other countries leader are always special, something that other countries's leader does not do that.

Nope, i am not kidding.

Read this:

Gifts to U.S. officials include jewels, pillows, Abs Exerciser
December 24, 2008 -- Updated 1835 GMT (0235 HKT)

The gifts range from the extravagant -- like the jewelry -- to the modest -- a $6 assortment of nuts and dried fruit given by the Dalai Lama to Laura Bush -- to the downright odd, like the Abs Exerciser given to President Bush by the prime minister of Singapore.

So, is that a hint of something to US President Bush?

Hmmm... i shall not speculate, but to let you guess...

So, please don't find me funny if i give you any odd gifts.

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