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Sunday, December 21, 2008

BP WLNY Christmas BBQ 2008

Had a full and busy day yesterday (Sat).

Woke up at 0600 hours, went to SK to pick CT and his friend, went down to FTPS. For the Zone Insp and NCOC POP 2008.

Zone Inspection and POP took up the whole morning till 1300 hours when i really had to leave. To go home, rest a while and went for my RT (IPPT test) in the afternoon.

And there's a event going on at my void deck. Noisy, till i left home early and went to camp super early, stunning the guard 2IC. I mean, RT starts at 1600 and i was there from 1430 hours.

Nothing much about the test, except that i was the first in line, and i failed, meaning, Welcome to phase 2!!

Went back home, rest a bit till everyone starts calling me, asking me where the hell i was, and asking my help to drive this and that.

Yep. The WLNY BP Christmas BBQ party. Organised by auntie E, ZX, AM and SH. Me?? i was the "arrowed" driver for this occasion. To bring all the food, drinks, charcoal, utensils down to the assigned place, and it was a super last minute arrow.

Here's the photos taken at the BBQ party.

At the BBQ pit.

Our "master chef" for the night, AM!!! He cook most of the duration of the party. Thanks to him, we got endless supply of cooked food without lifting a finger!!

Our "Assistant Chief".

Our "Food Preparer".

While the rest of us simply enjoy the evening, waiting for the food to arrive...

Me?? Of course, i am the photographer...

Delicious food being cooked.

Okie lah... others got take turn cooking the food, before they slammed this post.

Group photos...

Not in the photos, HT and CN...

Some more photos...

What are they looking at?? hmmm...

Our Master Chef turned photographer...

Extinguishing the BBQ flames...

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