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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm back!!!

Been quite some time since i last update, but i am really busy, not to mentioned tired...

Hmm... where do i start?? Thursday?

Thursday. Went to NSSC. Met the JDO, and no orh gong for me.. Thank god...

Went to HQ after that, helped to wash the ambulances, top up fuel, and doing other stuffs, ending up not sleeping. This lead to having a tension headache on friday night.

Nothing much on Friday night, just that the roaring of the F1 cars non-stop was a bit irritating to me.

Sat night. Did one evacuation, which i won by a simple scissors, paper and stone game with R. The whole evacuation was timed, and it took only 6 minutes plus to reach the hospital. Me and H were a bit bonkers, especially when we were going back to gate 6.

And i brought along my ear muffler, and using that, i did managed to sleep, but i was awoke by the silence after the track practice was over.

Sunday. R did an evacuation. He refused to have the scissors paper stone game with me.

Here are the photos.

Friday hot afternoon.

Track safety cars doing their rounds.

3 of other ambulance drivers under the hot sun...

4 of us with the Sector Marshal. He's a very friendly chap who's from Australia.

Track Marshal.

And soon, the race started. BMW race.

Auston Martin race.

Porsche Race. There's one Porsche with the Singapore Flag.

And for the F1 race at night, well, they were travelling too fast for my camera.

This is the only shot that i like...


And as the event ended on sunday, TS commented. "3 months to prepare, over in 3 days".

Man, am i grateful that the event has ended!!!

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