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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finanical crisis

Financial crisis...

USA sub-prime crisis...

USA govermant bailout of 2 banks.

Giant investment bank, Lehman bank collaspe.

Shares prices freefall.

Truthfully, i am shock. A huge investment bank just collasped overnight, it's too sudden. This is getting worse than i had imagine and expected. Will we get to see a repeat of the great depression of the 1930s?

Next, another giant insurance company, AIG is on the brink. AIG shares dropped 60 - 70%.

Insurance companies allow you to buy insurance on almost anything. But the insurance policies itself have any insurance against such crisis?

Do we have to buy another insurance as an insurance for our insurance??

This is getting complicated.

Insurance companies always have this saying. "Have a peace of mind", but when this shit happens, who can have a peace of mind?

Well, i hope that this crisis will go over soon, and frankly speaking, i don't envy AIA, AIG, or even AHA staff...

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