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Friday, September 19, 2008

failed without tasting

Imagine this....

During your secondary school days. You are supposed to sit for a composition test. You wrote out the composition, submit to your teacher for grading.

And your teacher never glance at your composition and gave you a fail grade.

What's your feelings on this??

Something similiar happened to one of my friends... He cooked soup, brought to his instructors, and the "testers" never taste his soup and gave him a fail grade...

What the heck?

Reason is that one is very health conscious, and the other don't dare to taste the soup.

What the bloody heck? Hey, you are cooking instructors, and you don't want to taste coz you scared you put on weight, and scare to taste the soup...

It's macham like asking a tramua nurse who's afraid of seeing blood to treat a RTA case.

Sometimes, innovations, think out of the box, being creative does not pay.

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