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Monday, September 22, 2008

Everyone's talking about it

Have you ever notice, that in these few days, weeks, months, you keep seeing, hearing, feeling one thing?

And nope, i am not talking about the finanical crisis.

And nope, i am not talking about the china milk melamine scare either...

It's something international... It's something about speed...

If you still dunno what i am talking about, i would suggest you go find a solid piece of wall, nope, i am not telling you to bang your head against it, but go find a wall to bang into you. Or, you can enter a circular room and relax in one corner.

Yes. I am talking about F1.

Formula 1, not the F1 (help) key you find on your computer keyboards, you computer freaks.

Formula 1 racing.


I can see it everywhere... I read it in the news and papers. I heard about it on the radio, TV, and the public. I saw F1 articles on magazines. I can see HUGE posters along one of the highways. I see the F1 cars on display at petrol stations.

I can even hear it at night, when some speedsters wanna drive their WRX STI, or Type R or EVO or even motorbikes, as they try to imitate Lewis driving the F1 cars. I can also see the F1 cars sold in most shops, from toys to collectables, F1 stuffs, to stickers.

Hell, i even know a friend who dreams about the F1 thingy while sleeping!!!


I went to suntec, spotted a "event", and some kids playing some cars. It only took me a split second to recongise it as the Singapore F1 track.

I have been staring too much of the F1 track too much.

This whole thing is getting tiring.

4 more days to F1.

I just hope it can pass ASAP without any incident, hopefully to the disappointment of the tickets holder.

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