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Monday, September 01, 2008

Activities last weekend

Another weekend had gone. Another month had gone. And yah, sad to announce, it's monday once again... Had a busy weekend. Friday nite, meeting. Nothing much to write it in here. Anyway, i won't write it in here. Sat. AGI. Was in HQ super early, to slack and rot. Was still sick on that day. Ended up with him, And him, my new found "be happy" brother... We were that bored on sat that we "vandalised" the white board.

This is the outcome of the poor white board.

Want to try the maze? Here's a close up shot of it.

If you can find the exit, please do let me know, and a prize awaits you!!

And someone did tried on that day itself...

She never found her way out...

Some more boring photos on that day itself...

And during the AGI, i was busy till the end.

More photos.

And i went back some, a tired man...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to be continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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