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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Activities last weekend (II)

Here's the continuation.

Sunday. F1 training. Went over to a road known to have lots narrow and lots sharp bends and turnings. It does not help when the park at the end has an event, and the normal 2 lane, 2 way road has to become 1 lane, 2 way road.

There's one time i have to drive through 2 cars, super narrowly, and i was able to do that only coz the ambulance mirror was higher than the car. Otherwise, the mirrors would have been gone.

Went back HQ in the afternoon...

To help out in the FA class.

And in the night, off we went to chinatown... For a duty.

Lantern light up festival.

With lots lanterns...

And balloons...

And fireworks... Yeah...

And a naughty fellow...


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