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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rap of my day

Early sunday morning came,
everyone's sleeping when i ain't,
awaken by some unknown force,
went to HQ in my SX 4...

To Macpherson CC off we go,
support a duty was our goal,
in an alpha that Sars drove
and brakes that make me go "woah"...

It was a darn hot day
all thanks to the sun's ray
VIP was Lim Boon Heng,
No one fainted, that's very heng...

Most of them were elderly
and yet they were so actively
dancing on the stage happily
audience were clapping cheerfully...

With my camera, i snapped away,
at the old folks dancing away,
Sars and V were grinning away,
as they capture the scene at bay...

In the conference room where we rest,
Members pose for photos with much zest,
With air cons blasting at their best,
and V singing that's lagi "best"...

Some were reading their paperback,
while others are taking a short nap,
and the radio blasting some rap,
i was thinking, "what the heck!!"

So that is how my day is spent,
off to this boring duty we went,
in a vehicle that looks like a big van,
with a side door that needs to slam!!

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