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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pondering over news

Pondering over a news read...

1) Judge sets S$3,000 as benchmark for fines for monkey feeders
Posted: 06 May 2008 1955 hrs

"S$3,000 is how much you would likely have to pay if you are caught feeding monkeys at nature reserves.

Under the Parks and Trees Act, monkey feeders can be fined up to S$50,000 and jailed up to six months. "

Wow!!! That's a lot!! When you compare to an RTA that cause a serious injury to a motorbike rider, that bugger who stopped his car at the right most lane at a busy expressway just to insert his cashcard, who was fined S$200 and given 9 demerit points!!

Full story here...,4136,163364,00.html

So, don't try funny stuffs when you see monkeys.. Anyway, as the saying goes, "when you pay peanuts (S$1.8million??), you get monkeys"

Talking about that RTA, i really don't know how to describle that Mr Lim, who is 45 years old, who works as a driver, drove for 24 years, STOP HIS RENTAL CAR AT THE FAST LANE OF A BUSY EXPRESSWAY TO INSERT HIS CASH CARD, that cause a woman biker to crash into another car, flung more than 20 meters, warded in the Intensive Care Unit, spend about a week in the hospital, and now still suffer from pain and memory loss...

And that Mr Lim can left out the reason for stopping the car in his police report, as he knew it's an offence!!!

To make matter worst, is that he still insist that he's not at fault for that accident, and smile several times as he recounted the accident on the stand (Courtroom)!!!

Worst still, Why is he driving a rental car? His car got involved in an accident just 2 days before that RTA that should not happen at all!! He stopped his car, causing another car to crash into him from behind... Really pity that poor fellow who crashed into him...

And when Mr Lim was contacted by The New Paper, he has the guts to question the reporter "Are you a driver? Have you driven a car before?"

The best part? Quoted : Mr Lim said that he felt sorry for the injured Miss Tiong, though he did not speak to her in court.

'She might think that I have an ulterior motive if I went up to her and apologised,' he said

Still need to explain??

I think i only got one word to describle him... "MONKEY" When you see him, don't feed him, or else you can fined up to S$50,000 and jail up to 6 months.. Not worth it, nope, it's simply not worth it at all...

To Mr Lim... one word for you... "KARMA"!!! What goes around comes around...


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